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Indian Wedding & Bollywood Entertainment Experts in Los Angeles 


Welcome to Special Occasions DJ & Lighting!

We are the premiere Indian wedding DJs and corporate event entertainment serving:

Los Angeles,

Orange County,

San Diego,

San Francisco and beyond. 



If you're planning a corporate function, Indian wedding, desi wedding, anniversary party, concert production or much more please don't hesitate to reach out to us!  


We offer a free 10-minute consultation on your big day (ask us honestly anything, from quotes to what items you want in your buffet to lighting costs) when it comes to Indian weddings, Punjabi weddings, Gujarati Weddings, Pakistani weddings, Asian weddings and yes American weddings.  


Our team is from across the globe, we work with some of the biggest media partners in regards to the wedding business and are happy to help you make it a special occasion!


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Our process for getting you a quote is simple. You're probably overwhelmed with all the complicated offerings from all the wedding vendors you see.  You don't know what an uplight is, aren't sure if you need a gobo and are probably wondering what a truss is needed for.




We've been there ourselves, our prices are transparent and we rely heavily on referrals and community support.  


Have a look around, read our insider blog, check out our Indian wedding tips on YouTube and don't hesitate for one second to say hello on any of our social media channels.


Make it a special occasion!