Shirose International

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P.O. Box 23, Lincoln Park, NJ
Price: $500 - $10000
Wedding Planners

Company description

Experienced DJs & MCs | State-of-the-Art Sound & Lighting

There are a great range of DJs in there industry who are there to do a fine job. That’s not us.

Shirose has an identity; where the lion meets the rose. We put our heart and soul out on display each and every time we hit the stage, dance floor, and/or DJ booth.

Each event is different in it’s own identity and a personalized approach is taken to detail every moment.

We pride ourselves on understanding a multitude of cultural sensitivities and are here to guide worlds that become one.

Choose Shirose and let us bring you, your friends, and your families - joy - by doing what we love.

Your life’s most important moments. Curated by us.