Rocking Raaga

Price: $$800 - $$5500
Wedding Performers

Company description

Rocking Raaga is a live music service provider. Our trained and experienced musicians will deliver a level of artistry and professionalism that your guests will thoroughly enjoy! We offer a large repertoire of traditional regional music, evergreen songs, contemporary Bollywood in any combination or style you can relate to. 

Our lead singer, Rahul Sharma, is an award winning Original Bollywood music label artist who strives to enthrall his audience with just the right balance of talent and charm. Rahul’s most cherished moments till day include recording a song at the age of 17 for his father in his devotional album, Saancha Sahib and being chosen to perform with the musical maestro, Pritam Da at his Washington DC concert in 2018 in front of a huge Indian Diaspora. 

Whether it's an intimate family gathering or a formal wedding celebration, live music adds spark,color and persona to any event and is a great way to engage all of your guests. We love requests and are able to make special arrangements to create something unique and memorable for the guests.