Nirvani's Indian Kitchen


Company description

We started as one of the first originators of Gourmet Kati Rolls in the USA which soon became an instant hit with our customers. The secret to our success is really just crafting individual recipes to maximize unique flavors and attending to every single detail while preparing each dish. Today we offer Gourmet Kebabs, Gourmet Curries, Specialty Naans, Fine Desserts and much more. Our customers could not get enough and soon we expanded into a full-scale Indian Restuarant.

Now we bring you the same amazing tastes you have come to love for your next event. Our full banquet catering service is designed to provide a wide variety of selection and prepared to satisfy your guests to the fullest.

Inquire today and we can help you make your next event a memorable one.


"We aim to execute all recipes with the highest quality of ingredients and with the utmost care to detail. Our chicken, lamb, and paneer are marinated in our different marination sauces for an extended period to fully infuse flavor. The kebabs and naans are cooked in our special tandoor ovens to bring you the traditional taste in every bite. Our sauces and chutneys are prepared fresh daily and not stored overnight. We pay attention to detail to bring you a unique Indian meal experience for you and your guests. Thank you for choosing Nirvani’s Indian Kitchen."

- Sai Kumar