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Company description

IWD is an online portal for return gifts, full of finest Indian handicrafts for various occasions. Our portal gives you an insight of rich Indian culture and its products. We deal with the finest quality of handcrafted items.

We launched IWD in 2017, originally operating from New Jersey, USA and sourcing the products directly from handcrafted items hub Jaipur, Rajasthan.  

We owners come from diverse designing background, striving for great quality and attention to detail. Attending various Indian ethnic occasions in USA, we saw the need for a portal that offers the return gifts that has Indian touch and story behind it. Thus IWD came into existence as an online shop for handcrafted items for return gifts purpose. 

We teamed up with the most skilled and amateur handcrafted designers from all over Rajasthan and came to you in the year 2017. We went to different artisans in the region and saw their work. We were awed by their dedication and perfection and finally decided to make this platform. We planned to promote the hard & creative work of these artisans worldwide.

We made sure that all the products that we were going to launch were of finest quality and since then we have never compromised on the quality of our products. We plan to offer products including but not limited to for purpose of personal use or return gifts for occasions like wedding, baby shower, birthday parties, housewarming, corporate events or home decor. 

We are very particular about our products. We bring forth the products that are made by using ancient techniques and thus are a history in their own selves.