New York, NY, USA
Price: $50 - $700
Wedding Attire & Dress

Company description

Harleen Kaur offers a distinct aesthetic by combining traditional South Asian clothing with modern eclectic, Western concepts. Versatile, innovative and contemporary, Harleen Kaur sources fabric from around the world. From handmade Italian jacquards, to fine Japanese satin, to tulle hand-beaded in India, each piece is as culturally diverse as the society in which it belongs. Proudly produced solely in New York City, each piece is made thoughtfully with the best quality fabrics, zippers, linings and trims. 

Designer and founder, Harleen Kaur Chhabra, spent several years working with amazing teams at various fashion labels in New York, where her desire to blend her American, Punjabi and Thai culture to create unique, versatile clothing gave rise to Harleen Kaur.