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Look your best from Head to Toe! It’s your special day…you found a make-up artist and a hair stylist but have you found the perfect Saree Drapist? From Traditional to Trendy, have your saree draped professionally by me. I will provide you and party full attention to detail with your drapings. The saree is a delicate material that symbolizes the Indian woman. If not draped professional, your pictures will be ordinary. From the neck up your make-up and hair will look great but to get the complete look of beauty, you need to let me drape your saree with style! I am open to traveling to your city to help you with perfection on your special day! I offer services for bridal, private parties, fashion shows and other personal events. I am also available to conduct one on one session, if you are interested in learning the art of draping from me. Make a statement with elegance and style with the different saree drapings that I can create for you!