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Company description

The family business was introduced over half a century ago by Grandpa Souren as a small bakery producing fine Middle Eastern and Eastern European delicacies. Grandpa Souren discovered his passion for baking at the age of 17 and began thinking of ways to combine raw ingredients to create unique products that combine baking tradition from multicultural backgrounds including Persian, Armenian, French, Danish, Greek, and Arabic. Granpa Souren’s eldest son Rubic began helping at the family business at age 7. Rubic learned the business from the ground up. After immigrating to the United States, Rubic Movsessian, with his father Souren, sparked the community with the introduction of Classic Bakery, Inc. in 1991. Rubic’s objective began with a simple idea: Meeting the needs of his customers by combining a family baking tradition with exceptional customer service.


Today, Classic Bakery, run by grandson Areen Movsessian and his father Rubic, has a reputation as the area’s leading baker of custom designed wedding cakes and novelty cakes, in addition to pastries, cookies, baked goods, and the like.


Along with careful attention and meticulous service, Classic Bakery takes pride in the quality of work and its secret baking recipes passed down from generations. Staying consistent with customer and market demands makes Classic Bakery Inc. increasingly successful each year. Classic Bakery’s goal has always been to offer the highest quality goods and service to their customers at a reasonable price for generations to come.