Chris J. Evans Photography Inc


Company description

Style, grace and gratitude is my mantra.

We are driven and outgoing humans who are empowered by love and community. Our greatest strength comes from the people and places that have shaped us.

My life is the culmination of amazing family, friends and mentors who have guided and inspired me to live my dreams. My photography career began in fashion, lifestyle and advertising work for clients including Target and Dakine, to name a few. Through this I learned the importance of lighting and the power of visual storytelling while creating safe and empowering environments for all my clients.

I fell into the world of weddings by chance. A dear friend asked me to photograph her wedding on the island of Kauai and though reluctant at first, I eventually caved and said yes (she was persistent) and in saying yes, my life was forever changed. Being the photographer at her wedding honestly altered the trajectory of my career.  At that point, the shiny facade and glamour of the fashion world was wearing thin on me. With each passing season, I watched my work get tossed aside for the latest campaign. I longed to create work that would be treasured for years to come.

During the last five years, I’ve been fortunate enough to  be present at hundreds of weddings and capture the love and emotion of the day. I have built an extraordinary team of talented photographers and cinematographers to elevate our storytelling to nothing less than a fairy tale. My mission is to capture couples in the most romantic, glamorous and elegant way that I know how while laughing together and cherishing each  fleeting moment.

I’m  not only passionate and dedicated  to my craft but  also to my amazing clients who have become incredible friends! The images we create together are composed of love, style and gratitude. I look forward to not only our adventure together but to witnessing your lives joining as one. 

From this day forward you will never walk alone.

With Aloha,