Anmol Barbecue Restaurant

2858 W Devon ave
Price: $$20 - $$50
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We are excited to introduce Anmol Restaurant’s Catering Services! We can provide all types of catering services to suit all your needs. With over 25 years of experience in the hospitality & food industry, we can deliver the finest experience at your event with our delicious food, impeccable staff, and professional service.

The key elements for a successful event are Menu Planning, Service and Venue. We work with you in these areas to ensure your special occasion is unforgettable. Our Menu is tailored to fit your tastes and the type of event. We can provide food for any occasion at any time: Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Supper, Dinner and Late night events.

Our menu is diverse and covers parts of South Asian cuisine. In the past, we’ve worked with flavors ranging from authentic Pakistani to Modern Fusion. We can create menus based off of the overall nature of the event. We are also attentive to special eating needs such as gluten-free, vegetarian, and allergy-related issues. We are specially recognized for our high quality of Ingredients and strict rules and regulations, when it comes to the choice of Zabiha Halal Meat. In order to stay committed, Anmol has branched out to open a Slaughter House, Meat Processing Plant and multiple meat outlets to provide nothing but the highest quality of Zabiha Halal Meat. We always use fresh Chevon, Grass fed beef and antibiotic free hand slaughtered chicken. You will feel the difference in each bite.

When it comes to Service, we have the highest standards. Our wait staff is trained to bring you excellent, professional service no matter what the event. You can choose the type of service for your guest. Buffet-style, On Site Cooking, Outdoor barbecues, Plated Service, Family Style, or with Action Stations. We are available to come to your home, office, religious facility, outdoor location, or any other type of food service facility.

Choosing the perfect Venue is one of the most important part of your event. We are licensed and insured to cater events throughout the Midwest. We can provide you a list of banquet halls we have previously worked with from smaller local banquet halls to high end hotels, as well as Event Planners to work out all the details for your event and insure the most perfect event for you, decorating companies who can do everything from a traditional decor to an upscale modern theme event, photographers and videographers, even a Bridal Makeup Artist for wedding events to make sure the bride is the most beautiful looking person in the room.

So what’s the next step? If you are interested in our catering services, please contact us to schedule a consultation or you can send us an inquiry online and receive an estimate via e-mail. Once the menu has been selected we can schedule a food tasting session if needed, get the required information, confirm the event and cater an excellent event for your upcoming party. Anmol has the highest satisfaction rate for any type of event you are planning, So you know you cannot go wrong
We look forward to hearing from you!