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Price: $300 - $700

Company description

The traditional wedding invitation cards are fast becoming a thing of the past. Combined with a million other tasks to be done at a wedding, the task of hand-delivering or sending via courier, the physical cards, was a paramount burden. Therefore, the latest acceptable form of inviting your guests is through the digital medium.
For this purpose, Anchor Boom is your answer. Anchor Boom specialises in designing excellent invites in digital image and videos format, which can be circulated through the online portal or your mobile phones. Anchor Boom is an ingenious wedding card designer service from Jaipur which is creatively run by Anubhuti. She creates modern and traditional invites as per the specifications and needs of the client. With her unique designs, she makes invites even more memorable.

Services Offered-
Anchor Boom is a great alternative to physical invitation cards. They are the more artistic ways to invite your guests to your joyous celebrations. Through digital images and videos, the level of creativity and artistry is greatly enhanced.
The types of invitation cards available at Anchor Boom are:

Digital Image E-Card
Digital Video E-Card
Traditional Invitations
You can give your ideas and get your E-Invite created remarkably. This wedding card designer from Jaipur is skilled at her job and offers you excellent suggestions and themes to select from.
There is no requirement of a minimum order quantity and this is yet another advantage of getting digital form of wedding invites. The average price for a digital card falls between 300 INR to 700 INR
There is no need for a shipping service. Isn’t digital invite becoming better and better with each passing sentence?