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Toral & Kamal Inspiration

1528941404 3 yr(s) ago

Wedding planning is definitely stressful if you don’t have the right people and tools to help guide you throughout the process. Luckily for us, Vivah connect really made a difference in our wedding planning journey. It’s a well organized website that helped us pick out the best vendors that match our preferences for price point, work ethic, and reliability.

This is a great tool to weed out vendors by preference so that it’s easier to choose all of our vendors. The checklist is great because it helps keep track of all the to-do items. There were things on the list that I didn’t even think of so that was very helpful. With this tool, we basically picked out vendors and organized our events within 2 days!

The whole website is very easy to navigate, and I highly suggest it if you need that organization. It’s an easy way to keep track of all items, kind of like a personal wedding planner to add onto your physical wedding planner during the times when you just want to track items on your own.

I would highly recommend this site to couples in any stage of their wedding planning process!


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