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The Dholki Ceremony

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Article Written By: Aruba Anjum

Wedding festivities in Pakistan begin with a dholki ceremony, which celebrates the happiness of marriage with dancing and singing.

Pakistani wedding events usually begin with a lot of singing, entertainment, and lots of appetizing food to kickoff a good old dholki session at home. The dholki is a celebration that inherits its name from the percussion instrument, dholak, which is a large part of this event. The dhol is played along with a metal spoon. Singing and dancing in happiness and joy for the marriage is usually what the dholki is all about, as it features family members, relatives and friends gathered around the dhol in festive colorful traditional clothing and sing traditional Bollywood and mehndi songs about the bride and groom. Many dholki events are held by friends weeks or even months before the actual wedding. The idea of a dholki is to build hype before the actual wedding day so everyone can be prepared to celebrate big at the Sangeet/Mehndi event.

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