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Runali & Dhruvin Inspiration

1528941080 3 yr(s) ago

Vivah Connect was the go-to website for us when we decided to get married. It is a great platform for couples who are looking to make their wedding exceptional. It provides you not only the planning tools but also lists great vendors and venues. It pretty much made our life so much easier because it was a one stop shop for all our wedding necessities. We were able to start with the venues and short list the ones we liked. Vivah Connect also provided us with a huge list of photographers and DJ's. It made it so convenient for us pick our vendors. As far as the biggest things were concerned Vivah Connect served all our needs. The website is extremely user-friendly and provides great support.

Our next step was to create our wedding website, make our guest list and finally create a seating chart. The website provided us with great options to choose from different layouts, themes, etc. There were different tools for RSVP, creating a guest list and finally the seating chart. For those of you that haven't already heard - creating a seating chart is probably the most difficult thing you'll have to do. But I do have to say that Vivah Connect made this process a piece of cake and we were able to easily create our wedding and reception seating chart. Of course the decision part is tough but when it comes to the creation of the seating chart, Vivah Connect exceeded our expectations.

Overall, we had a great experience working with Vivah Connect. From A to Z we were able to plan everything effectively. For those of you that are thinking why should I choose Vivah Connect over Wedding Wire or The Knot; Vivah Connect primarily serves the South Asian Community. It takes cares of all the minute details that a couple would want to plan their wedding. Being a South Asian wedding website, it specializes in what our culture is all about. It is easier to locate vendors and venues when the platform itself takes care of our traditions and community.

Ratings: 10/10


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