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Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Ideas

1538963129 2 yr(s) ago

Choose a Unique Location

If you want stunning photography, then the photo shoot location should be stunning too. It can be a picturesque outdoor setting, an elegant restaurant, a quirky café, a vibrant part of town or an amusement park. Think about the backdrops and pick a location which has a few different ones which you can alternate.

Make the Story Personal

Bring elements of your own love story in the photoshoot to make it even more special. You can eat your favorite food, recreate scenes from your favorite movie or a book or shoot at the location where you had your first date. You can even dream up a theme for the photo shoot such as your dream holiday or make a set of casual snaps in the comfort of your home which will seem effortless and natural.  

Think about the Styling

Some couples like to wear their wedding outfits, while others prefer casual, everyday clothes. There are no strict rules about it, but keep in mind that your styling should depend on the location, backdrops and the story you want to tell. The two of you should complement each other, so do pick styles together and choose colors that will stand out against the backdrop you will be using.  

Add Props and Effects

A fun way to further personalize your pre-wedding photos is to use props like balloons and hand-made signs or special decorations like flowers. And if you want something fun and imaginative, you can ask your photographer to add some really cool after effect or even make a quirky photo collage instead of classic portraits.

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