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PANASH by PH-E-Shoot

1530243349 3 yr(s) ago

Article Written By: Payal Trivedi & Heta Shah

Edited By: Riddhi Patel

YOU SAID YES!!!...Now What?!..

Okay so all the courtship and dating has finally come to fruition, he popped the question, and you said yes!! The question is, where do you start the wedding planning process? The to-do lists, the vendors, the planners, the venue, is your head spinning yet? I know ours is!

Well, we can’t exactly help with the planning process, but we can make announcing your big news to all of your family and friends easier with an added flair! The ladies of PANASH by PH, Payal Trivedi and Heta Shah have got you covered. We can help you plan your special engagement announcement photoshoot, or what they have come to be better known as, the ultimate e-shoot!

In a world where social media basically runs the show everyone is so concerned with what their pictures are going to look like. Everyone wants to really show the real “you” or “us” in a 1-hour photo session, displaying their love in front of a photographer that you probably just met yesterday. Awkward? It doesn’t have to be!

So, who are the ladies of PANASH by PH?

Payal Trivedi and Heta Shah are two newly, happily married women that recently started thinking about different ways to help couples with one of their biggest woes, planning their e-shoots. Each of us had a unique experience in the process. One, whom had a great stylist of her own to prepare the clothes, jewelry, location, creative direction, etc. And the other, that had the privilege to work with a great photographer, but had to choose her own location, clothes, beau’s clothes, and figure out how to come off cutesy and in love in front of the camera.  

What is PANASH by PH?

PANASH by PH is a styling brand that wishes to have our clients think outside the seams. We want to work with each of our clients to learn to feel more comfortable in front of a camera, ease the stress of one part of the wedding planning process, and give them a way to allow their love to truly shine through amazing pictures that they can share with their loved ones. Our job is recreate your story that will portray the authentic love between the couple. We like to have serval meetings with our couples to understand their goals and outcomes prior to providing any concepts, location options or creative direction.

How do you achieve this?

We want to make sure we meet with our clients to understand their story, what their personal style is and what they want to show the world. After that initial meeting, based on the packages the couples choose, we will either (1) help create a look by curating designs/styles from various sources or (2) use clothes you wish to use and just help you create a look! We will also help you choose the right photographer and hair and makeup artists along with sit down with you to figure out the best dates and location!

We’d love to help each and every one of you, but for that, all you have to do is get the conversation started! Reach out to us for an initial free consultation, fill out a quick questionnaire, and help us help you and find the perfect way to say “WE SAID YES!!”.


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