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Kirtana & Darshana - Fashion & Beauty Story

1530242384 3 yr(s) ago

Article Written By: Kirtana & Darshana Patel

Kirtana & Darshana – business partners, best friends, but more importantly sisters. Despite being three years apart, growing up we were always extremely close. Obviously, Darshana being younger always copied me from dressing up to makeup, etc. Interesting fact that shocks people all the time: both of us say “Ben” to each other regardless of who’s older. Our parents have instilled great values of how important our relationship as sisters is. They say when we’re not here, it’s always going to be the both of us - always have a strong bond that can never be broken. Over time, our likes and dislikes plateaued to a level of being on the same page with the fashion industry.

We took our innovative style to another level when we never bought anything ready made from India. When we tried to shop for certain styles of dresses or lehengas in India, they would say it’s no longer in style or right now it’s all about velvet. Trends in India change month over month if not daily. As fast paced as India is in the fashion world, the growing uptick in style trends did not always match what we were in the market for. As picky customers, it was difficult to find what you want without compromising something or another. That’s when we decided to explore fabrics and designs and customize our dresses to our liking. About 90% of our South Asian wear closet is designed by us because that’s where we see the satisfaction. At parties and events, we got many compliments from people on our outfits or they would ask us where we purchased it from. People always inquire about our dresses and the style of it.

We took this passion to design and customize our own clothing to become a brand where everybody can experience. Throughout our travels to India, we have come to learn about different fabrics and materials. After studying various material types and traveling to different parts of India to understand the wide array of fabrics, we carefully select only the best. With a keen eye to detail, we incorporate custom tailoring and fit each time for our client.

Growing up, we have always looked up to our father in regards to the fashion industry. He knows the next trend before the trend is out. The biggest lesson we have learned from him is to create and set your own trends. Be a #TrendSetter --it’s okay to be different and innovative -- let other people watch and learn.

Our label is our names since this brand means so much to us along with our close-knit relationship. Both of us bring a different style or “swag” to the table combining traditional and elegant Indian wear coupled with modern contemporary wear.

This brand embodies our specific lifestyle and is a representation of what we personally wear. One of the main drivers is if the outfit feels good, it will look good. Comfortable yet luxurious, traditional yet modern, sexy yet elegant. Our vision is to help bring the same dresses we enjoy wearing to every woman’s closet.


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