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DJ Shilpa Explains How She Climbed Her Way Up In The Industry

1530240827 3 yr(s) ago

Written By: Heemali Patel

Back in the day being born in a South Asian family was hard. Your career is set on the day you are born. If you’re a boy, you are going to be an engineer. If you’re a girl, you’re going to be a doctor. Some of those traditions still carry on today; depending on your family. Your career was set by your gender.

Being a DJ in a south Asian community is out of the ordinary, especially for a female. DJ Shilpa is one of the figures we can relate to. Being a female DJ in the south Asian community was a big no. There were many assumptions that she wouldn’t know how to do her job based on her gender. She constantly had to work hard and earn respect as an expert in her field. Sometimes the customers were willing to work with her for the “novelty” of working with a female. It took Shilpa many restless nights and lots of hard work to accomplish her goals and dreams.

One of the most challenging things a female DJ can encounter is when employees look past the female leader to other male coworkers; as if she is not a capable leader in the position of authority.

DJ Shilpa never gave up. She loved music as a child and started playing the flute at a young age. Continuing her career into a band leader in high school. Throughout these young years, family support was huge. Her father supported her career choice and started a DJ business. Shilpa was able to accompany her dad as a roadie. Years later, she was able to continue her dad’s business on her own. Their business continued through her college years and even after. At this point, Shilpa made it her fulltime career.

One tip that Shilpa has for all young girls is to never give up on your dreams. Follow your heart. Follow your passion. Most importantly, follow whatever make you happy.

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