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How to introduce your non-Indian BF/GF to your very Indian Parents?

1530237841 3 yr(s) ago

As south Asian daughter who grew up around family members constantly telling me to bring home an Indian man, it is definitely nerve racking (to say the least) if you are in an interracial relationship. We all have friends and family around us who have been in interracial relationships or marriages and we wonder how do they do make it work? More importantly, how did they introduce their partner to their Indian parents.

If you’re in an interracial relationship there are many things you can do to help prepare yourself, your family and your partner for the initial meetings. These tips can help that first introduction go seamlessly and positively. First things first, talk to your parents before-hand: be sure to talk about your bf/gf to your parents and get them assimilated with the idea that your SO is in fact NOT south Asian.

If possible, have a buffer: chances are if you have a brother or sister or cousin, they know about your relationship and can help guide the conversations, show support of your relationship and act as a buffer for the first meeting. Even if it’s your bestie, I highly suggest this! Introducing your siblings/close friends to your relationship beforehand will give them a chance to get to know each other, especially since their opinions will matter to you.

Teach your SO some brownie points content: things like learning how to say your parents name correctly, touching your parent’s feet for blessings or learning how to say “Jai Shree Krishna” will help your parents feel at ease and show them that your partner cared enough to learn it. Another great idea is to have him come over for random handy man projects like replacing the air filter or have her come over and drop of extra groceries she thought your mom would like. One of my friends got her partner to pick her family up from the airport after a family vacation, which was impressive!

I think this is an important one: feed him/her some of mom’s food before the first meeting: South Asian mums LOVE to cook but Indian food (especially for the first time) can be a lot to handle so do a trial run! This is also a great way to get him or her used to Indian food, especially, if they don’t eat it normally.

Additionally, if you can do this, bring him/her to family and important events: this is a great way to show your family that you are in a positive healthy happy relationship and give your partner a chance to get to know everyone better plus the more he/she is around the more accepted he/she will become within the family.

Of course, all comes down to your own individual families. You know your family best so gauge that situation and do what seems best for you and your partner. We would love to hear how the process was for your and what kind of advice you have for other interracial relationships. Send us your experience below!

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