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How Bride and Groom can sign up on Vivah Connect?

1532488436 3 yr(s) ago

We are excited for you to join Vivah Connect to plan your amazing wedding!

Create a profile as bride or groom on Vivah Connect to plan your wedding.


When you are on the website. Click on sign up

Complete your profile by providing us your information such as:

     Are you a bride or groom?

     Your email address


     Bride’s Name

     Groom’s Name

     When are you two lovely couples getting married

     Which state are you planning to get married

     Number of guests

     And your wedding budget

That’s it. Please don’t forget to confirm/verify your email.

When you do log back in, you should see this page:


You have an option to create your own Wedding Checklist, Wedding Budgeter, Events Planner, Guestlist, Table Planner, Vendor Booking, and Send a message to a potential vendor who you would like to hire for your wedding. It is FREE!

Here are some tips and tricks to plan your wedding more effectively: (Go in the order, if you are just starting to plan your wedding)

Your personal checklist! If you are having trouble with your personal checklist, take a look at this helpful video: Click Here


Budgeter, calculator helps you decide how your budget may be divided across each category of the wedding. How to use the Budgeter: Click Here

Event Planner (very important) make sure to add all your events, venue address, start time, end time, and date. (Event planner will work closely with your Guestlist). How to use the Event Planner: Click Here

Guest List, Guest List & RSVP tool to keep track of all your guests invited to individual or all events in one single page. How to use the Guest List & RSVP tool: Click Here

Table Planner, Guests you mark as attending for the reception will only appear in the table planner below. Drag and drop them onto a table to arrange your seating plan. How to use the Table Planner tool: Click Here

Booking, Keep track of all your booked vendors on one single page. How to use the Bookings tool: Click Here

If you have any questions, Don’t hesitate to contact us at

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