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Get Started on your Wedding Workout Plan

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Get Started on your Wedding Workout Plan

It’s a new year and almost all of us want to get back in shape, especially those who are about to get married! Here are some tips to get organized, create a great workout plan and stick to it.

When to Start?

It is important to establish your wedding workout routine and make it a habit to exercise at least 3 times per week. If you begin 6 months prior to your big day, you will get used to it and it will be much easier to monitor your kilograms up until the last day. Alternatively, you can start 2-3 months earlier and exercise 5 times a week to get in shape quickly.

Which Type of Workout to Choose?

Your workout plan can include anything from yoga to weight lifting or running. If you want to lose weight and build muscles, a combination of cardio and strength training is ideal, but if you just want to maintain a healthy weight and be in good shape, then any workout routine will do. Our best tip? Do something you really love because you will never lose motivation for exercising. To make things more fun, enjoy exercising with your future spouse!

How to Be More Efficient?

Combine your exercise regime with a smart eating plan. Start the day with two glasses of water, stay active throughout the day and choose a healthy diet. Download an app that monitors your calories intake, sleeping, drinking water and exercising. Keep track of your activities will give you additional motivation to pursue your goals and have more consistent workouts.

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