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Everything You Need to Know About Diamond Rings

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From the four Cs to the different shapes and styles, here is what you need to have in mind when buying a diamond engagement ring.

The 4 Cs

The four criteria that determine the price of a diamond ring are called the four Cs. These are cut, clarity, color and carat of the stone itself. Cut affects diamond’s sparkle, color actually refers to the lack of color, clarity is related to tiny imperfections of the stone, and carat symbolizes diamond’s weight. The heavier, clearer, more multifaceted and more colorless the diamond, the more it costs. The four C’s should always be confirmed by a certificate, as this is the proof if its value. It is advisable to only buy rings that come with this certificate.

Saving Tips

If you want to buy a beautiful piece of jewelry that doesn’t break your budget, you can sacrifice some of the four Cs. For example, you can purchase a stone that has less clarity and more color but has the perfect cut and a good carat weight. If your priority is the size of the diamond, you can opt for a bigger stone with fewer facets, and if you just want a rock that sparkles, then take a smaller multifaceted one which can be encircled with a diamond halo (an ornament made of miniature diamonds). You can also save money by choosing a specific diamond shape such as pear or oval which are very stylish and yet they look great even if the stone is not big in size. Or, consider purchasing a colored diamond, as these precious stones come in a rainbow of shades from blue and pink to pitch black.

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