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Create a Stand-Out South Asian Vendor Profile to Generate More Customers on Vivah Connect

1530240196 3 yr(s) ago

Everyone knows how complex South Asian weddings are and as a vendor, it can be difficult to position yourself in front of the couples who are planning for everything they need before they need it. Not only is it stressful for couples, but for vendors too. Vivah Connect aims to bridge the gap between couples and vendors allowing for seamless planning.

To maximize your opportunities on Vivah Connect, you must put your best foot forward! These days you have a very limited amount of time to spark someone’s interest. So, let’s make it spectacular! Here, we share some top tips for vendors to capture the attention of potential clients who are browsing for South Asian wedding vendors. Follow these tips and you’ll be sure to have clients rolling in!

Create an eye-catching vendor profile. First impression is everything. And, did you know, brides and grooms spend less than 5 seconds to look over South Asian Vendors while planning their wedding? That is not much time to get their attention AND hold it. Your top priority is to create a positive, relatable and unique vendor profile with eye-catching images that stand out. What’s more, VC will help you see if customers are interested in you, getting you more clients.

1. Be sure to have high-quality images. We cannot stress this point enough! Your primary profile image is the image that will pull potential clients to your profile. However, the rest of the images in your profile need to be consistently high-quality. This means non-fuzzy, non-blurry, non-filtered, you get the idea. This tends to keep those inquiries coming! Importantly, when uploading images, they should be horizontal for the best visuals and try to avoid close-up images unless you are a Mehndi/Henna Artist, Hair, Make-Up Artist…etc. See what works for your and your brand! You can test your images to see which ones have the highest conversion rates (most views, most clicks, etc.)

2. Eye-catching business description and title. The second thing couples will look at is your description. Clients need to see what services are provided. Think about what you would say about your business or services and in a few words, summarize everything into one paragraph. Be sure to be clear, concise and make it unique to your brand! Authenticity is magnetic. For example, If your business is about South Asian Catering, your description can talk about your bestselling mouthwatering pani puri stand. You can talk about previous experiences and tell a story that will relate to your future clients (especially if the stories are funny, because who doesn’t enough a good laugh?)

3. Reviews!! Reviews matter! Here is a simple trick that every vendor should use:

        a. After serving your customer, send them Vivah Connect Profile link and ask them to give you their honest feedback.

        b. Negative reviews are good for business! Take it as criticism and focus on improving and being better for your next customers. Be sure to respond on these, though!

        c. Include links in description for couples to see testimonials from other sources.

Additionally, Vivah Connect PRO will help vendors generate more clients.

So, there you have it! I am sure you are just dying to put together your vendor profile now so I’ll leave you to it. As always, feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have. We are always happy to help!

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