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Chirag + Anjanis’ romantic story and see how Chirag planned out the proposal of a lifetime.

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Article Written by Chirag Patel

These days a proposal is almost as important as the wedding. Men (and women) everywhere are working hard to make it extra-special for their partner-to-be. Take a page from Chirag + Anjanis’ romantic story and see how Chirag planned out the proposal of a lifetime.

Their story began in 2008 and like all the best love stories, they had a rocky beginning, from Chirag getting shut down to dance, to Anjani bringing her sister on their first date! Eight years later, Chirag was convinced he was the luckiest man in the world. So how did this proposal come to fruition?

On 2.14.2009, Chirag and Anjani fell deep in love at Tavern on the Green and on that day Anjani shared her dreams of going to Paris one day as they stroll through Central Park.

This one conversation set of a chain of events for their future…

2.14.2016 → He sends her an antique lock with skeleton keys hinting at the “Locks of Love Bridge” in Paris. She thinks it resembles the “Keys to Success” given the phrases’ rise in fame during that time and laughs it off.

3.14.16 →  He sends her macarons from a bakery in Paris. She finishes them in no time

given her big sweet tooth, but doesn’t give the packaging a second thought!

4.14.16 → He sends her a set of black and red French berets. She mentions it is getting too hot to wear them so she puts them away without a second thought.

5.14.16 → He sends her decoy tickets for a cruise to the Bahamas. She gets extremely

excited because she’s never been on a cruise ship!

6.14.16 →  He sends her an elegant red dress from a store called Parisienne to bring on their “cruise.” She falls in love with it and thinks nothing of the store’s name.

7.01.16 → On the day of their “cruise”, her friend brings her to the airport instead of the port of departure. He meets them and the friend leaves. Quite some time flies by and their ride to the port hasn’t arrived yet. Frustrated, he asks her to follow him to the nearest airline check-in counter. He tells the attendant, “I’ll take two tickets to the next flight out of here.” “You sure?” responds the attendant. “I promised my lady a nice trip and that’s what she’s going to get,” proudly he says. He takes a step back and asks her to look up at the monitor. It reads, “Anjani, will you marry me?” underneath a status for a flight to Paris. He bends down on one knee, takes out the ring box and now another chapter of the story begins!

What a thoughtful, beautiful and romantic proposal. Check out the full video here. So many emotions! If you or someone you know is planning or had a unique proposal they want to share, reach out to us in the comment below; we’d love to hear from you!

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