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How To Get To Your Wedding Body As A Couple

Vivah Connect 1 yr(s) ago

You know the saying, the couple that works out together, stays together? Okay, maybe I made that up but it’s actually true! Let’s face it, working out and eating healthy can be an ADDED st

How to introduce your non-Indian BF/GF to your very Indian Parents?

Vivah Connect 1 yr(s) ago

As south Asian daughter who grew up around family members constantly telling me to bring home an Indian man, it is definitely nerve racking (to say the least) if you are in an interracial relationship

South Asian Wedding Welcome Bag Ideas

Vivah Connect 1 yr(s) ago

Welcome bags are a sweet little surprise and lets your guests feel appreciated. We love that your options expand when you enter the colorful world of south asian culture. There are so many adorable wa

PANASH by PH-E-Shoot

Vivah Connect 1 yr(s) ago

Article Written By: Payal Trivedi & Heta Shah Edited By: Riddhi Patel YOU SAID YES!!!...Now What?!.. Okay so all the courtship and dating has finally come to fruition, he popped the quest

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Ideas

Vivah Connect 1 yr(s) ago

Choose a Unique Location If you want stunning photography, then the photo shoot location should be stunning too. It can be a picturesque outdoor setting, an elegant restaurant, a quirky café

Most Intense Pre-Wedding Workouts for Burning Calories

Vivah Connect 1 yr(s) ago

Outdoor Boot Camps Boot camps are very popular with modern brides as they combine different types of exercises. From running, push-ups and sit-ups to stretching, you will activate every muscle in

Get Started on your Wedding Workout Plan

Vivah Connect 1 yr(s) ago

Get Started on your Wedding Workout Plan It’s a new year and almost all of us want to get back in shape, especially those who are about to get married! Here are some tips to get organized, cr

Everything You Need to Know About Diamond Rings

Vivah Connect 1 yr(s) ago

From the four Cs to the different shapes and styles, here is what you need to have in mind when buying a diamond engagement ring. The 4 Cs The four criteria that determine the price of a diamond

5 Engagement Ring Trends

Vivah Connect 1 yr(s) ago

Some designs are timeless, but others are too cool to be ignored! Here are five key engagement ring trends that are globally popular right now! Diamond Solitaire A single diamond housed in a sim

How to Choose Your Wedding Photographer

Vivah Connect 11 month(s) ago

Establishing your priorities will make it much easier to find a photographer who will capture your big day just the way you want! Before you start searching for a wedding photographer, decide