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Vivah Connect is the first South Asian online marketplace that allows engaged couples to plan their entire wedding through one single portal.
Vivah Connect

Vivah Connect simplifies their daily business needs by unifying lead generation, marketing, and business management tasks. Vivah Connect helps vendors generate leads by providing online exposure in the only online network for the South Asian wedding industry

Vivah Connect

Vivah Connect is the best place to search, compare and book vendors, from venues to videographers. Looking for the latest wedding news and inspiration? We'll help youstay on top of trends to plan a wedding that fits you.The company also offers a comprehensive suite of online planning tools for weddings including checklists, a budgeter,and a pre-wedding event planning tool, all at no charge.


Vivah Connect was inspired by two entrepreneurs, Priya Patel & Jay Shah

Priya is a Project Manager in the IT field during the day and a wedding planner on the evenings/weekends. She has founded and runs a successful company, Xquisit Events for over 10 years. Priya has experience with website development and design, which has also been her passion for over 10 years. After going through multiple ideas, designs, and spending quite some time at the drawing board, Vivah Connect was established.

Jay is a technical product manager and founder of Lynxs App Jay has experience working as a Full-Stack Developer, with Product Management and Data Management experience. Jay has a passion for developing products by identifying potential products, conducting market research, generating product requirements, determining specifications, and developing marketing strategies. He also has a passion for scaling ideas and processes to drive business growth, with a great work ethic.

Both Priya & Jay met through a mutual friend, who knew they both wanted to solve a problem for the South Asian market. Realizing that Priya had the wedding planning experience and Jay had the data and product management experience, the two were a power team. After a single meeting, the two became business partners and the rest was history. They know that the South Asian wedding industry is a multibillion dollar industry, but with a huge gap: the need for engaged couples to plan their weddings through one single portal. Once the idea was born, it was sent straight to the drawing board and in just 6 months the website was built and released to the public.