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5 Tips to Help You Become a Great Bridesmaid at an Indian Wedding

1543772215 2 yr(s) ago

Bridesmaid Duties at Indian Weddings

Were you asked to be a bridesmaid at an Indian wedding? It will be fun and unforgettable, but keep in mind that you’ll be expected to do a few things in addition to showing up in a pretty dress!

Practice Dancing

An Indian wedding traditionally includes a dance performance by the bridesmaids, so you will need to practice those steps! Start with rehearsals at least 12 weeks before the big day and use video calls if you can’t meet all the other bridesmaids in person. Most importantly, keep it simple and fun!

Choose Your Attire

Your wedding day look should be something in color but nothing too glamorous that outshines the bride. Avoid black and white and never pick the same color as the bride. If the bride purchases color-coordinated outfits for all of the girls, accept to wear whatever she picked for you. Remember, the morning of the wedding is usually on a tight timeline, so keep your hair and makeup simple so you can help attend to the bride.

Help the Bride

Bridesmaids should be there to help the bride with everything from wedding dress shopping and wedding planning, to holding her things and carrying her makeup during the ceremony and reception. If you want to show her how much you really care about her, prepare a small wedding day emergency kit and keep it in your bag just in case she needs anything, like a tissue, stain remover, lipstick or mascara!

Be a Good Hostess

With so many guests around, your bride will need her personal crew to help everyone get around. Since food is the key element of every Indian wedding celebration, the bridesmaids should make that extra effort and act as hostesses when needed.  Be aware of vendors and caterers so you can be of assistance during setup and help guide guests accordingly.

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