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5 Engagement Ring Trends

1548782564 2 yr(s) ago

Some designs are timeless, but others are too cool to be ignored! Here are five key engagement ring trends that are globally popular right now!

Diamond Solitaire

A single diamond housed in a simple platinum setting is a ring design that never goes out of fashion. You can pick the size, the cut and the shape, but the key elements are a simple metal base and a sparkly stone. Check out our blog, “Everything You Need to Know about Diamond Rings” for more info!


An engagement ring stone doesn’t necessarily have to be a diamond. Bright green sapphires and all kinds of green stones are very fashionable at the moment and they look well with both yellow and white gold, platinum and other metals.  

Unique Shapes

Be a little creative when choosing that engagement ring! Your regular diamond ring is round, square or cushion-shaped, but modern designs also include long oval and tear-shaped stones, diamond hearts and stylish combinations of three smaller stones in a line.

Vintage Designs

Whether the ring is old or new, vintage-inspired designs from the 18th and 19th century or the first half of the 20th century are all the rage in the world of jewelry. This is why modern brides love retro rings and they don’t really care if they are bought in antique shops, or if they are custom-made just for them.

Eternity Rings

Finally, the latest fashion craze is an engagement ring that resembles a classic western wedding band, but it is usually decorated with a string of smaller diamonds or just a few sparkly stones.

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